January 22, 2009

Dolores Huerta and Barbara Carrasco Visit Chicano Art & Experience at the AFL-CIO

Legendary labor organizer Dolores Huerta visited our show yesterday with distinguished artist Barbara Carrasco. Barbara’s portrait of Dolores is in the show. In fact, the print we have is signed by both Barbara and Dolores.

Dolores, along with Cesar Chávez, is a co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association which evolved into the United Farm Workers of America. She was instrumental in the grape boycotts that brought the farm workers’ struggle to international attention. At 78, she is still very active in progressive politics and social change in her work as an individual and through her foundation, the Dolores Huerta Foundation. (pictured at right: Barbara Carrasco, Rex Weil and Dolores Huerta with Carrasco's Dolores. You can also see, behind Barbara, Sun Mad by Ester Hernández)

p.s. the show is featured on WETA-TV's Around Town. See the Janis Goodman review here (scroll down to 'art reviews.')


mike c said...

I think met her at a United Farm Workers demonstration in Washington Square Park in San Francisco in the summer of 1996.
There was a decent sized earthquake that morning in San Jose.

Unknown said...

One of the unsung heroes of the Chicano Movement. Dolores came up with the idea to strike against the grape growers in the sixties. She was just as important in the UFW as Cesar Chavez. She and Chavez collaborated in much of the UFW's ideas and activities. Unfortunately, she doesn't always receive the recognition.